Teacher Review

NewPath receives a great deal of unsolicited endorsements and reviews from teachers how have used the company’s products. These have included formal reviews such as the following article from The American Biology Teacher magazine... The American Biology Journal Review of NewPath’s Online Learning Platform.

They have also included scores of comments from educators around the country such as those found below. To add your own comments, email us at support@newpathlearning.com and tell us your thoughts about how NewPath supported your instruction!

"After being completely burnt out with my career but needing something to get me through the rest of the school year, I discovered your website. After finding it and using it I can honestly say I think I might be falling in love with teaching once again. I have told everyone I know about how awesome this teaching tool is!"

"All I kept thinking was WOW- why don’t all schools have this for ALL classrooms... it completely takes out the guess work and all the time consuming stuff by putting it all in one place! Lessons, activities, quizzes, assessments, GRADES AND DATA!! In one program!"

"I found that through the integration of your products my students made great gains across all curricular areas. In particular, I feel that your product had a significant impact on my students’ Math skills. Specifically, 90% of my students realized 1 – 2 grade levels of academic growth in one year – there is no better testimony than documented student success!"

"The games cover everything covered in our grade’s science units thoroughly. The cards are neat, easy-to-read, and the graphics are colorful and engaging."

"I really love to see how excited my class gets about science when we use the games or the multimedia lessons and virtual labs!"

"We, as teachers, are always looking for ways to make learning fun for the students. This site provides fun and engaging resources that helps us do that"

"The kids were really involved in the Curriculum Mastery Games and love playing it. It held their interest. They didn’t realize they were learning when they were playing it."

"Aligned PERFECTLY to fit the state standards and provides the student with a fun way to review and practice a variety of skills."

"VERY good with differentiated instruction. Just a wonderful website!"

"Not only are they reinforcing what we have studied but my students are interacting in a positive way."

"Kid friendly, easy-to-use; great teaching and learning tool!"

"Wonderful online resources – there are no other website out there like it!"