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Easily access, instruct, present and assign ready-made lessons, activities and assessments, and track and report student progress.

Adaptive & Easy to Use

Easy-to-use tools and templates to develop and deliver customized lessons for differentiated instruction.

Standards - Based

Comprehensive array of teaching resources aligned to all State and National Standards!


Research-Based, Classroom Tested, Proven Results!

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An Easy-to-Use System That Gives Teachers Ultimate Control

And Students the ultimate learning experience - anywhere, anytime and any device!

Create & Present

Use the build-in templates and tools to author your own curriculum and create customized interactive lessons with multimedia presentations, quizzes, flashcards, worksheets, games, study guides and an illustrated glossary.


Create diagnostic proficiency exams to assess student aptitude in core academic areas in order to identify strengths weaknesses and opportunities to improve curriculum and instruction and learning outcomes.


Assign any lesson or learning activity to your classes or individual students to access in class, at home or the library! The system features an innovative online lecture/presentation and assignment calendar with easy-to-use scheduling capabilities.


Use NewPath`s unique classroom management system to create classes, add students and monitor performance through customized grade books which feature automatic grading and reporting.


Archive your lessons at no cost on NewPath`s web-based storage system for use later in the semester... or in the years to come!!


Use NewPath`s online community to share the lessons you`ve created... or access those created by other educators across the country and around the world!

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