Exploring Pulleys

Science, Grade 6

1. Exploring Pulleys
In this virtual investigation you will experiment with different types of pulleys and load weights to better understand the mechanical advantage of each pulley. A pulley or pulley system will only lift a load if the input force is large enough to move the weight of each load. In this activity you can select an adult or a child to lift the load. Each person is limited by the maximum amount of effort (input force) he can exert. A pulley with a greater mechanical advantage will make it easier to lift the load.Directions Select a load and a pulley. Then select the adult or the child and click the LIFT button to see if the load is lifted up to the tree house. Explore how pulleys work by using different loads and pulleys, and by changing the person who is using the pulley. Collect data and record it on the pop-up data sheet.