World War I

Social Studies, Grade 6


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Study Guide World War I Social Studies, Grade 6

WORLD WAR I What do you know about World War I? In the late 1800’s, Europeans were feeling a strong sense of nationalism. Many countries were competing with one another and as tension between the nations grew, they started to build strong armies to prepare for war. Some countries in Europe created alliances with other countries. This created a balance in power between nations, but split Europe into two sides. The war began when Austria-Hungary’s leader was assassinated in June, 1914, and war was declared on Serbia. The alliances worked quickly to protect each other. The United States tried to stay out of the war, but they were attacked and joined one of the alliances in the fight. After the U.S. joined WWI, many things changed at home and abroad. Many nations were involved in World War I, and there were many deaths. World War I ended on November 11, 1918. The nations involved negotiated a series of peace treaties, but not everyone was happy with the agreements. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at