The United States Constitution

Social Studies, Grade 7


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Study Guide The United States Constitution Social Studies, Grade 7

The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION About the United States Constitution The United States Constitution is a document created by a group of delegates to the Constitutional Convention after the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. The need for a governing document other than the Articles of Confederation was growing clear to the Constitutional Congress, and so they came together to devise a new document. The ratification of the Constitution, or formal approval by a vote of delegates representing the states, did not happen overnight. Some states wanted to see revisions made before they would sign. Eventually, each of the 13 states approved the Constitution and it finally took effect. The Constitution defines citizenship in the United States, as well as governmental branches and their responsibilities, which were not addressed in the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution is the absolute law in the United States and has been that way since 1789. The delegates realized that there may be a need to amend the Constitution over time and also set up provisions in the document to address this future need. The Bill of Rights is the first set of amendments to the Constitution, including the right of freedom of religion and trial by jury. Many amendments have been made to the Constitution since the initial Bill of Rights. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at