Adding Money

Mathematics, Grade 3


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Study Guide Adding Money Mathematics, Grade 3

ADDING MONEY Amounts of money may be written in several different ways. Cents may be written with the ¢ sign and dollars can be written with the dollar sign ($). When we add money, we add the amounts and place the correct sign on the sum. How to Add Money: Money is written as a decimal with dollars to the left of the decimal point and cents to the right of the decimal point. Seventy-three dollars and eighty-two cents is written $73.82. Adding money is just like adding decimals. 1. Write the sums of money, aligning the decimal points before adding. 2. Add the numbers, moving from right to left, regrouping as necessary. 3. After adding, put the $ sign before the answer. $264.10 +$132.47 $396.57 Try This! $366.17 +$162.44 $270.10 +$151.57 © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at