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English Language Arts, Grade 3


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Study Guide Topic Sentence English Language Arts, Grade 3

TOPIC SENTENCES FOR PARAGRAPHS What is the Topic of a Paragraph? The topic of a paragraph is the word or words that tell what the paragraph is about. The topic should be related to all of the sentences in the paragraph. Being able to pick out the topic of the paragraph helps the reader to understand the meaning of the paragraph. Example My Papa and I sometimes go canoeing in a nearby creek. It is easy to tip over in a canoe, so you have to be careful. The topic is _____. a] the creek b] Papa c] canoeing d] the beach The answer is c] canoeing. Each of the sentences in the paragraph is related to the topic, canoeing. Try This! 1] Art class can be very messy, especially when we are painting or using paste. My Art teacher, Mrs. Carter, has lots of fun projects for us to work on. The topic is _____. a] Math class b] Art class c] Mrs. Carter d] painting 2] Brewster and I love to take walks together. After I put my dog's little blue sweater on him, I attach his leash and we walk around the block. The topic is _____. a] walking the dog b] walking the cat c] the blue sweater d] the block © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at