High Frequency Words II

English Language Arts, Grade 6


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Study Guide High Frequency Words II English Language Arts, Grade 6

HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS II Words that you may see often when reading are called high frequency words. As a 6th grader, you should be familiar with how to pronounce and spell the following high frequency words. adventure beautiful because beside beware beyond bird brighten brother clear condition describe discover dollar edge fierce finish flower gardener hidden important instrument interest kindergarten lawyer leap length lesson listen manager money paragraph present problem raise rays reason record represent sailor scary sign something stout tailor temperature weather weight whether written Try This! 1. Can you tell me _____________ you like vanilla or chocolate ice cream better? 2. The employee received a _____________ for being punctual. 3. On Halloween, we watched a _____________ movie. 4. Every _____________ should begin with a topic sentence. 5. I left early _____________ I didn’t feel well. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at www.NewPathLearning.com.