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Study Guide Contractions English Language Arts, Grade 2

CONTRACTIONS What are Contractions? A contraction is a special word made by putting together a verb and another word. Every contraction has an apostrophe to show where letters are missing from the original two words. Example: is + not = isn’t Notice that the words are put together but the o is gone. Look at each contraction to see how the words are put together. An apostrophe shows where a letter is missing: were + not = weren’t, was + not = wasn’t , have + not = haven’t, has + not = hasn’t I + am = I’m I + will = I’ll he + is = he’s she + is = she’s it + is = it’s they + are = they’re we + are = we’re you + are = you’re Look at this contraction: can + not = can’t Do you see that two letters are missing? Here are more contractions with two letters missing: we + will = we’ll they + will = they’ll he + will = he’ll Be careful with this contraction! It does not follow the rules: will + not = won’t Try this! 1. What is the contraction for does + not? doesn’t or does’nt 2. What is the contraction for are + not? aren’t or aren’t 3. What two words made the contraction don’t? don + not or do + not 4. What two words made the contraction she’ll? She + not or she + will © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print copies for non-commercial educational purposes only. Visit us at