Process of Cellular Respiration

Science, Grade 6


Table Of Contents: Process of Cellular Respiration

1. Two Stages of Cellular Respiration
Cellular respiration occurs in two stages. Stage one occurs in the cell's cytoplasm and stage two occurs in the mitochondria.
2. Stage One of Cellular Respiration
During stage one, glucose is broken down into smaller molecules and a small amount of energy is released.
3. Stage Two of Cellular Respiration
In stage two the smaller molecules combine with oxygen to produce water, carbon dioxide, and a large amount of energy.
4. Energy and Cellular Respiration
The energy produced is in the form of ATP and heat.
5. What is ATP?
ATP is a molecule that fuels cellular activities. The heat energy helps an organism maintain a healthy body temperature.
6. Products of Cellular Respiration
The carbon dioxide and water that is produced during respiration leaves our bodies through exhalation.