How Do Minerals Form?

Science, Grade 6


Table Of Contents: How Do Minerals Form?

1. Where Do Minerals Form?
Minerals form in a wide variety of geologic environments.
2. Mineral Metamorphism
Some minerals form as a result of intense heat and pressure created during metamorphism. Talc is an example of a metamorphic mineral.
3. Cooling Magma Forms Minerals
Other minerals crystallize from magma as it cools. Examples include tourmaline, feldspar and quartz.
4. Evaporation and Precipitation Form Minerals
Another group of minerals forms when ocean water evaporates. The most common mineral to form this way is halite (rock salt).
5. Hot Water Solutions Form Minerals
Some minerals form in hot water solutions. Ground water that is heated by magma causes elements and compounds to dissolve into a hot liquid. When the liquid cools, minerals such as gold and copper are formed.