Meiosis II

Biology - High School


Table Of Contents: Meiosis II

1. Beginning of Meiosis II
At the end of Meiosis I, chromosomes in each daughter cell decondense back into chromatin and a nuclear envelope completely reforms around the genetic material. Then Meiosis II begins.
2. Prophase II
Prophase II: The nuclear membrane disintegrates, chromatin condenses to form chromosomes and spindle fibers form.
3. Metaphase II
Metaphase II: Chromosomes, composed of two chromatids, move to the middle of the cell.
4. Anaphase II
Anaphase II: The centromeres split and the chromatids separate. They move to opposite sides of the cell.
5. Telophase II and Cell Division
Telophase II and Cell Division: A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromatids. Then the daughter cells divide to form four sex cells.
6. End of Meiosis II
At the end of meiosis II, each sex cell has one chromosome from each pair of the original set of chromosomes.
7. Sex Cells and Polar Bodies
In males, all four sex cells develop into sperm. In females, only one of the sex cells will develop into an egg. The other three cells, called polar bodies, eventually die.
8. Entire Process of Meiosis II Animation
Watch the entire process of meiosis II.