Meiosis I

Biology - High School


Table Of Contents: Meiosis I

1. DNA Replication
Before meiosis begins, the cell copies its genetic material using a process called DNA replication.
2. Prophase I
Prophase I: Meiosis starts when the nuclear membrane breaks down, chromatin condenses and the replicated chromosomes become visible.
3. Synapsis
Homologous chromosomes move together to form pairs. This is referred to as synapsis. An exchange of DNA segments called crossing-over often occurs during synapsis.
4. Metaphase I
Metaphase I: The homologous pairs then line up in the center of the cell.
5. Anaphase I
Anaphase I: Chromosomes from each pair move to opposite sides of the cell.
6. Telophase I and Cell Division
Telophase I and Cell Division: A nuclear membrane starts to form around each set of chromosomes, and then the cell divides.
7. End of Meiosis I
At the end of meiosis I, two daughter cells are formed, each with only half of the genetic material as the original cell.
8. Entire Process of Meiosis I Animation
Watch the entire process of meiosis I.