Biology - High School


Table Of Contents: Amoeba

1. Amoeba Habitat
The amoeba is a tiny, one-celled protozoan found in fresh and saltwater habitats.
2. Amoeba Movement
It moves by continually changing its body shape by stretching its cytoplasm into fingerlike projections called pseudopods (false feet).
3. Amoeba Nutrition
The pseudopods also are used to surround and capture tiny food particles —mainly bacteria, algae, and other microscopic protozoa—from the surrounding water.
4. Amoeba Food Vacuole and Lysosomes
The captured food particle forms a bubble-like food vacuole which is digested by the cell’s lysosomes.
5. Amoeba Nucleus and Contractile Vacuole
The disk-shaped nucleus controls the growth and reproduction of the amoeba. The contractile vacuole pumps excess water out of the cell.
6. Amoeba Reproduction
The amoeba reproduces asexually by a process called binary fission (splitting in two). The cytoplasm pinches in half to form two identical organisms (daughter cells).