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Tracking Through Time

Social Studies, Grade 2

Tracking Through Time Purpose: Purpose © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 95-4006
© Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 95-4006 Purpose: Primary Examples Intermediate Examples Tracking Through Time 60 School #28 Henry Hudson My Life Ancient Egypt I was born. 1999 I took my first steps. 2001 I went to school. 2004 My baby sister was born. 2006 I started football. 2007 I won a football trophy. 2008 The Old Kingdom Period of Great Pyramids 2,600 BC First Intermediate Period Many pharaohs reigned. 2,200 BC Middle Kingdom Kingdom united, very prosperous 2,100 BC Many pharaohs again, not one kingdom 1,800 BC The New Kingdom Most prosperous - many historical records still exist Expanded their territory. 1,570 BC
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