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Personal Protective Equipment

Science, Grade 5

2 © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4622 Personal Protective Equipment Eye & Face Pr otection Appropriate eye and face protection is required in the laboratory whenever procedures are conducted in which splashes of chemicals or biological material may occur, or if there is the possibility of a physical hazard to the eyes or face. Safety goggles (ANSI Standard Z87.1) Face shield (ANSI Standard Z87.1) Wear in addition to the goggles when working with strong acids and bases. Eyewash station (ANSI Standard Z358.1) Must be accessible within a 30-second walking distance from any place in the lab. Hand Protection Appropriate hand protection is required whenever hands are exposed to any chemical, biological or physical hazards. Heat-resistant gloves or mittens are required whenever handling either cold or hot materials. Chemical protective gloves Polyethylene, neoprene rubber or disposable plastic; use nitrile or butyl rubber gloves when handling corrosive chemicals Heat-resistant gloves Protective Clothing Appropriate skin and clothing protection should be worn to minimize exposure to chemicals or biological agents. Apron rubber-coated cloth or vinyl halter Lab coat Apron Safety goggles Eyewash station Heat-resistant gloves Lab coat Chemical protective gloves © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4622 Personal Protective Equipment Eye & Face Pr otection ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Safety goggles ____________________________________ Face shield ________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Eyewash station __________________________________ _______________________________________ _____________________________________ Hand Protection ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Chemical protective gloves ____________ __________________________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Heat-resistant gloves __________________ __________________ Protective Clothing __________________________________ __________________________________ Apron ________________________ _______________________________ Lab coat \|xiBAHBDy01816sz\
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