Lab Safety Signs & Symbols

Science, Grade 5

Symbol indicates hazard involving biological material. Biological Hazard Symbol indicates a substance may be potentially harmful or can cause irritation. Harmful/Irritant Symbol indicates that care should be taken when using electrical equipment. Electrical Hazard Hazard symbol indicates radioactive material. Radioactive Safety Hazard symbol indicates flammable substances. Flammable Symbol indicates that you must use appropriate hand protection when handling hot or very cold objects. Thermal Safety Symbol indicates that you must wear gloves or other hand protection. Hand Protection Symbol indicates that you must use proper eye protection. Eye Safety Sign indicates the location of a first aid station. First Aid Sign Sign indicates the location of an eyewash station. Eyewash Station Sign indicates the location of a fire extinguisher. Fire Extinguisher Symbol indicates hazard of cuts or punctures caused by the use of sharp objects. Sharp Object Safety Symbol indicates toxic or poisonous material. Poison Safety Symbol indicates hazard of corrosive materials such as strong acids and bases that cause severe harm to eyes, skin and body tissues. Corrosive Symbol indicates hazard of oxidizing materials that promote combustion. Oxidizer Symbol indicates explosives or explosion hazard. Explosive © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4621 Lab Safety Signs & Symbols
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