Chemical Handling

Science, Grade 5

Notify your teacher of spills and clean up promptly. Wear appropriate protective equipment. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4626 Chemical Handling BIOHAZARD Wear appropriate personal protective equipment before handling chemicals. Organize stored chemicals by compatibility. Store incompatible chemicals separately. Review the MSDS and labels for hazards associated with the substance before using it. Be sure to use the correct chemical required for the experiment. Read the label twice. Label containers before you transfer any chemicals. Be sure to include the name of the chemical, concentration, hazard, date and your initials. Always use a clean spatula to remove a solid substance from a container. Never use a metal spatula when working with peroxides. Metals will decompose explosively with peroxides. Do not touch any chemical with your bare hands. Do not taste or smell any chemicals. Hold containers away from the body when transferring a chemical or solution from one container to another. Keep combustible substances away from open flames. Always add acid to water slowly. NEVER add water to an acid. Weigh out or remove only the amount of chemical you will need. Never return a chemical to the original container once it has been removed. Never mix or use any chemicals that are not authorized by your teacher. Use the laboratory chemical hood, if available, when there is a possibility of release of toxic chemical vapors, dust or gases. Notify your teacher of any chemical spills. Clean up all spills properly and promptly as instructed by the teacher. Dispose of chemicals as instructed by the teacher. Use good housekeeping practices. Keep your work area clean and uncluttered. When transporting chemicals of 250mL or more, place the immediate container in a secondary carrying container, large enough to hold the entire volume of the chemical in case of a spill. Never handle bottles that are wet or may be too heavy for you. Always wash hands with soap and water after completing a laboratory activity.
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