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Who studies weather?

Science, Grade 3

Who studies weather? Rain H H H H H H LL 5 DAY FORECAST MON TUES WED THUR FRI Meteorologists Scientists who study the weather are called meteorologists. Meteorologists use various tools to measure weather conditions and predict future weather. Symbols on weather maps show weather fronts, air pressure, precipitation, and more. Meteorologists predict and help prevent severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes from hurting people and destroying property. Radar, computers and weather instruments are used to prepare weather forecasts. In the United States, most weather information comes from the National Weather Service. Some photographs courtesy of NOAA © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4357 Visit for Online Learning Resources.
Who studies weather? © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4357 Visit for Online Learning Resources. Pause & Review Meteorologists gather information to predict severe weather systems so they can warn people to prepare and take shelter. Draw lines to match the images to the definitions of severe weather. Thunderstorm - a small weather system with heavy rains, high winds and lightning Blizzard - a snowstorm with high winds and blowing snow, large amounts of snowfall Hurricane - an extremely large, tropical, rotating storm that has winds of at least 119 km/h Tornado - a funnel cloud (rotating column of air) that touches the ground
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