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Inheritance of Traits

Science, Grade 3

Some photos courtesy of USFWS. Traits eye color hair color eyebrow shape Variation Due to Inherited Traits Some offspring may appear different than one or both parents. This is because the offspring receive traits from both parents resulting in a unique combination that is different from either parent. Variations in humans include height and eye color. A child’s parents may both have brown eyes, yet the child could have blue eyes. Variation Due to Environment Characteristics of plants and animals can be affected by their surroundings, climate or diet. For example, if you eat too much you will become heavier, and if you eat too little you will become lighter. A plant in the shade of a big tree will grow taller as it tries to reach more sunlight. Adaptation An adaptation is a trait or characteristic that helps a living thing survive in its environment . For example, it takes special adaptations to be able to live in a very cold environment. Polar bears have thick blubber and dense fur to help keep them warm. Plants that live in hot, dry climates have adapted special leaves to help them use less water. The thick stem of the cactus carries out photosynthesis. Inheritance of Traits © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4340 Visit for Online Learning Resources.
Some photos courtesy of USFWS. Pause & Review Match the adaptation to the organism. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4340 Visit for Online Learning Resources. Main Parts of Plants Inheritance of Traits special tongue for feeding sharp claws camouflage sharp teeth thick fur
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