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How Do Plants Grow?

Science, Grade 3

tuber embryo cotyledons seed coat rhizome bulb Most plants begin as a seed. The seeds of a plant contain everything it needs to form the leaves, the stem, and roots of a plant. Seeds also contain a food supply which is used to help the new plant grow and develop. Germination is the process by which the plant embryo inside a seed grows and a seedling grows above soil. A seedling is a young plant that is in its early stages of growth. A tuber is a thick, usually underground stem of a plant, which has buds from which a new plant can grow. A potato is an example of a tuber. A rhizome is a flat, usually underground stem that roots grow out of which new plants grow from. A bulb is a special underground stem. It is a plant in a small package that contains its own food supply needed for growth. What a plant needs to grow… Plants need many essential things in order to grow, such as: water, air, nutrients, sunlight, and warm temperature. Plants need their space too! spores Seedless Plants Plants that do not have flowers, such as ferns, do not make seeds, they produce spores instead. Plants have different life cycles… A flowering plant’s life cycle describes how long a plant takes to grow, flower, set seed, and die. flower seed germinates seedling grows plant flowers plant dies plant releases seeds Other ways plants can grow without a seed… Plant Life Cycle How do plants grow? © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4302
Plant Life Cycle © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4302 What does a plant need to grow? _________________________________ _________________________________ Key Vocabulary Terms bulb seedling cotyledons spores embryo tuber flowering plant germination Plant Life Cycle rhizome seed seed coat seedless plant What is germination? _____________________________ _____________________________ What is the purpose of a seed? _________________________________ _________________________________ What is the life cycle of a flowering plant? _________________________________ _________________________________ ______________________ How do seedless plants reproduce? _____________________________ _____________________________ Describe three ways plants can reproduce without a seed. ___________________________ ________________________ ______________________ How do plants grow? \|xiBAHBDy01718pzY
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