Lines & Angles

Mathematics, Grade 4

Pairs of Lines Angles right angle straight angle acute angle obtuse angle Parallel lines right angle A D G H E F I Definition Examples How to write it How to say it An angle is made up of two rays that share the same endpoint called the vertex. A straight angle forms a straight line. A right angle forms a square corner. never intersect or cross one another Intersecting lines meet at the same point Perpendicular lines cross each other and form right angles An acute angle is less than a right angle. An obtuse angle is greater than a right angle. A ray is part of a line with one endpoint and goes on forever in the other direction. A line segment is part of a line between two endpoints. A line is a straight collection of points that extend in two opposite directions without end. A point is a location in space. Line Segment Line Ray Angle Point line segment AB line segment CD line segment EF or or or or line AB line CD line EF AB CD EF ray AB ray CD ray EF angle BAC angle CAB angle A BAC CAB A point A point B point A point B AB CD EF AB CD EF A A B D C F E B C vertex endpoint side side A B C F E A B D A B C D F E © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-4406 Lines & Angles
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