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Punctuation: Parantheses, Apostrophes & Quotation Marks

English Language Arts, Grade 7

Punctuation Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4075 Insert parentheses where needed. 1. Istanbul formerly Constantinople is the largest city in Turkey. 2. The Scandinavian region consists of three European nations Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 3. The mountain’s peak is 4,920 feet 1500 meters above sea level. 4. Interest rates are affected by the decisions of the Federal Reserve Board the Fed. 5. There is no space between a numeral and its symbol dollar or percentage sign. 6. The employment rate rose 13 percent see Table 2 during 2016. 7. Each book page must be scanned by optical character recognition OCR software. 8. The senator’s approval rating fell 24 points from 67 percent to 43 percent. 9. There is no space between enclosures quotation marks, parentheses, and brackets and the words they enclose. 10. Bougainvillea Nyctaginaceae is a tropical plant that cannot survive temperatures below 40°F 4°C. POLAND GERMANY SWEDEN NORWAY DENMARK $5 10%
Subject & Verb Agreement Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4076 The subject of a sentence is the person, thing, or idea that does the action. The verb in a sentence tells the action taken. The action can be existing (any form of the verb to be ). The subject and verb must agree. The subject of a sentence is never found in a prepositional phrase. In addition to my friends, my brother is going on the ski trip. In addition to my friends is a prepositional phrase; therefore, my brother is the subject. Frieda’s dad, as well as her grandma, is waiting for us in the car. Frieda’s dad is the subject; as well as her grandma is a prepositional phrase. A singular subject takes a singular verb. Her cousin Jason plays for the Cincinnati Bearcats. The table was coated with a thick layer of dust. I am glad that you came to visit me. A plural subject takes a plural verb. Six people were sitting around the campfire. The hens were trapped in their cages. They are too loud! A compound subject takes a plural verb. Compound subjects are comprised of two or more nouns and pronouns joined by the word and . Brian and I are going to get some ice cream. Apple, cherry, and chocolate cream are her favorite pies. At first glance, the examples below look like compound subjects, but they are not. The subject joined by or or nor uses a singular verb. In my opinion, blue or green is the best color for this room. Neither Sheila nor Annette is answering her phone. These indefinite pronouns take a singular verb: somebody, nobody, anybody, everybody, someone, no one, anyone, and everyone. Is anyone available to help me in the kitchen? Nobody is more excited than the coach and her team.
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