English Language Arts, Grade 7

The following words should always be capitalized: awards The Victoria Cross is a British military decoration. businesses, organizations Mason goes to Churchville Junior & schools High School. days of the week We’re moving to our new home on Thursday. deities & religious figures God is worshipped by Jews and Christians. first word in a sentence Where did you leave the brochure? holidays St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17. months Mrs. Stern’s baby is due in September. pronoun I What did I do wrong? proper nouns: specific Paul Reardon is the new marketing director. person, place or thing They’re going to Yellowstone National Park. proper noun as adjective the Native American tribe; a Roman god team names We’ll watch a Chicago Bears game on Sunday. title in front of a Vice President Janet Browning person’s name religions Mai Ling is a practicing Buddhist. specific regions of the She lives in the on the East Coast. country; not compass directions Acronyms Acronyms are abbreviations written in capital letters without periods. The first time you introduce the name of an item in writing, put its acronym in parentheses after it. From then on, you can write the acronym instead of spelling out the item. American Medical Association (AMA) Central Standard Time (CST) National Football League (NFL) Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Capitalization Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4068
This is the proofreader’s mark that goes beneath a letter that should be capitalized. Make the proofreader’s mark for capitalization under each letter that needs capitalization. There may be more than one per line. 1. is the meeting in the prudential tower or the hancock building? 2. buy your office supplies at martinez office products, inc. 3. the milwaukee chamber of commerce sponsored the dance. 4. let’s invite the norrises to dinner next friday. 5. the guest speakers will be governor bailor and mayor ruiz. 6. the game was to be held on thanksgiving, but it’s been rescheduled for saturday. 7. is allied travel’s company headquarters still located on union street? 8. last month ben applied for a job to work at new path learning, a business in victor, new york. 9. my cousin and i attended a concert at the paradise performing arts arena. 10. the most valuable player (mvp) award ceremony will be held on may 15. 11. our office is closed on memorial day, the fourth of july, and labor day. 12. the hindu religion has many gods and goddesses. 13. rebecca purdom is the senator from rhode island. 14. the american cancer society (acs) is running an ad campaign to get smokers to quit. 15. did joe peters move from mississippi to texas? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * 0 # Capitalization Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4068