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English Language Arts, Grade 6

Analogies Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4062 AMBULANCE SERVICE An analogy shows two ideas or things that are related in some way. To solve an analogy, you must first determine the relationship between the words given. Then, look for a word to make the other pair in the analogy show the same relationship. Analogies are always worded this way: ___________ is to ___________ as ___________ is to ___________ . Comparing Parts and Wholes This analogy compares the whole to one of its parts: Car is to steering wheel as laptop is to keyboard. Comparing Objects with Their Actions This analogy matches an object to its action: Ambulance is to speeding as tiger is to hunting. Comparing with Antonyms If the analogy compares two things are opposites, it uses antonyms, which are words with opposite meanings: Full is to empty as quiet is to talkative. (Full and empty are one set of antonyms; quiet and talkative are the other set.) Comparing Shades of Meaning This analogy includes shades of meaning: Furious is to angry as glaring is to bright. (Furious is a stronger word than angry, just as a glaring light is stronger than a bright light.) Comparing with Synonyms If the analogy compares two things that are alike, it uses synonyms, which are words with similar meanings: Grieve is to mourn as gregarious is to friendly. (Grieve and mourn are one set of synonyms; gregarious and friendly are the other set.)
2. Silly is to serious as depressed is to _________________. Write a word that will complete each analogy. Use a dictionary if necessary. 1. Field is to farm as _________________ is to hand. 3. _________________ is to heat as truck is to transport. 4. _________________ is to simple as challenging is to difficult. 5. Knife is to _________________ as needle is to sew. 6. Increase is to decrease as _________________ is to straight. 7. Face is to mouth as _________________ is to bed. 9. Scratch is to gouge as _________________ is to filthy. 8. Hire is to fire as _________________ is to discard. 10. _________________ is to sight as ear is to hearing. 11. Page is to book as Arizona is to _________________. 12. Hurricane is to breeze as destitute is to _________________. 13. _________________ is to slumber as jump is to leap. Analogies Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4062
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