Three Columns

English Language Arts, Grade 5

Three Columns Purpose: Purpose © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6130 Reading Comprehension: Reading Comprehension: GENRES GENRES Book Title _______________________________________
Purpose: Primary Examples Dinosaurs Existed Historical Fiction Fiction Realistic Fiction Dinosaurs Became Extinct Opinions About Dinosaurs characters could have lived in the historical setting characters shaped by history first person telling problem a result of the historical sertting reader feels as though the story really could have happened historical events are accurate characters changes from beginning to end characters and settings are completely made up plot is believable the theme can often be a statement about society or human nature characters are ordinary people characters change takes place in another world or universe good/evil themes events can be historical but not first person accounts fossil footsteps bones fossilized eggs dinosaur poop fossilized heart climate change toxic plants large asteroid widespread disease T-Rex is the best dinosaur dinosaurs are the most interesting animals Triceratops is a very scary dinosaur Book Title:_____________________________________ Book Title:________________________________________ Thinking About Dinosaurs Comparing Types of Fiction © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6130 Intermediate Examples Three Columns