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English Language Arts, Grade 5

Actions Character’s Name T ho ug ht s & Fe el in gs Pe rs on ali ty T ra its Problem Events © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6149 Purpose Book Title ______________ ______________________ Star Points Reading Comprehension: Reading Comprehension: CHARACTER ANALYSIS CHARACTER ANALYSIS
© Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6149 Purpose: Primary Examples Intermediate Examples Book Title:_____________________________________ Book Title:________________________________________ Star Points Actions Character’s Name Th ou gh ts & Fe el in gs Pe rso na lity Tr ait s Problem Events Actions Character’s Name Th ou gh ts & Fe el in gs Pe rso na lity Tr ait s Problem Events The Girl Who Loved Horses by Paul Goble The Cricket From Times Square by George Selden The author doesn't tell her name, just a girl cared for the horses rode with the horses asked to go back to her horse family gave her family a colt each year lightening struck the horses got scared and carried her away from home she lived with the horses she was kind spoke softly helpful she missed her horse family understood and loved horses missed her horse family Mario worked in his parents newstand made a cozy home for the cricket figured out what the cricket would like to eat found a cricket bought a cricket house the cricket started to sing for the train passnegers hard worker loves animals friendly liked by all polite the newspaper stand burned up happy to finally have a pet wanted to make sure the cricket was happy understaood that the cricket needed to go home
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