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I Can Figure It Out

English Language Arts, Grade 5

© Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6114 I Can Figure It Out Purpose Book Title _______________________________________ Reading Comprehension: Reading Comprehension: VOCABULARY VOCABULARY
Purpose: Primary Examples Intermediate Examples Book Title:_____________________________________ Book Title:________________________________________ Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume chapter 7 shaynkeit ignorant model taunted Molly came home crying Molly put her head on her mother's lap Her mother hugged her. Her mother didn't speak English It must mean honey or sweetie like donkeys don't go to school Can't read or do things you learn in school committee solution teacher divided the class everyone lived near each other they met at Peter's apartment they had to do a project together committee is a group working together figured out a problem what they really need Sheila thought it sounded good A solution is an idea to solve a problem. method lump in my throat a kind of transportation the best way of moving people from one place to another in the city method means a way of doing something Peter's brother ruined the poster Peter was really mad Peter wanted to kill his brother Peter felt tears It means a person is feeling as though they want to cry. in the sandbox pretend houses and church people out of clothespins It means making something look like the real thing only smaller. The girl spoke to Molly in a low voice so the teacher wouldn't hear her. Called her Jolly Molly kept saying Molly didn't do her homework Taunted means making fun of © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6114 I Can Figure It Out