Charting the Story

English Language Arts, Grade 5

Characters Setting Problem Events Solution Story Chart the Story Purpose: Purpose © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6136 Reading Comprehension: Reading Comprehension: STORY ELEMENTS STORY ELEMENTS
Purpose: Primary Examples Intermediate Examples Characters Setting Problem Events Solution Story Characters Setting Problem Events Solution Story Cinderella Cinder Edna Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters Cinderella Her step sisters Her step mother In their house At the prince’s castle They lived next door to each other In the garden and around the village Cinderella’s step mother won’t let her go to the prince’s ball Neither girl could go to the King’s ball Manyara was always mean to Nyasha He finds Cinderella and marries her. She goes to live at his castle and is never bossed by her step sisters or mother again. Cinderella and Cinder Edna have a double wedding. Nyasha marries the king and brings her sister to live in the castle with them. Cinderella’s fairy godmother got her dressed up for the ball. Ednas used her own money from doing jobs to buy... Cinderella’s fairy godmother makes her look like a princess so she can go to the ball. The Prince falls in love with her... Nyasha makes friends with a snake. Their father sends them both to meet the king and marry him. Manyara runs... Cinderella Edna Their mean sisters Nyasha Manyara Chocolate Touch Chocolate Fever King Midas John Midas his parents his teacher and principal Susan His house, his neighborhood and his school His house, school and the hide away In the palace John eats a magic candy. Everything he touches turns to chocolate Henry gets brown spots all over and they begin to pop and he smells of chocolate. The kind is very greedy and had lots of gold but it was not enough. He goes back to the store where he got the magic candy from and the shopkeeper helps him. John stops eating chocolate all the time. He meets a god who makes him promise to stop being so greedy. He meets a truck driver who wants to help him. They get hijacked and tied up as hostages. They get free... Everything he touches turns to chocolate. He gets really thirsty. He ruins Susan’s party. He turns his mother... The king granted a wish and was given a golden touch. At first he is happy that everything he touches turns... Henry Green his parents Lefty A king his daughter © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 93-6136 Chart the Story