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Spelling and Patterns

English Language Arts, Grade 3

Spelling patterns are groups of letters that are common to many words. Here are some that commonly cause spelling problems: A noun that ends in f changes the f to v and adds es to show the plural. one knife but two knives one half but two halves one wife but three wives A noun that ends in f often has a related verb that ends in ve. The police looked for proof. The judge felt the evidence proves his guilt. (noun) (verb) We enjoy life to the fullest! They live just down the street. (noun) (verb) She holds Buddhist beliefs. She believes in the Buddha’s teachings. (noun) (verb) The letters oi and oy create the vowel sound oi as in oil. The man was annoyed by the noise. Our family rejoiced when we adopted the bunny from the shelter. Her employer told her she’d get a raise. Some words begin with silent letters; these just have to be memorized. silent g: gnarled, gnashing, gnats, gnawed, gnome silent k: knitting, knoll, kneel, knob, knowledgeable, knuckles silent w: wrap, wrath, wrongful, write, wren, wreak, wrestle, wrinkle one hoof but four hooves Spelling Patterns Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4058
_____ 9. As a result of the storm, two people lost their lifes. _____ 5. A wrinkly rat nawed on the poison. Correct the misspelled word in each sentence. You can use a dictionary if you need to. If the sentence is correct as it stands, write NC for no change. _____ 1. Please put three knifes on the table. _____ 2. I ate three oisters at the picnic. _____ 3. A coywolf is a cross between a coyote and a wolf. _____ 4. He knelt to put the garden nome in his front yard. _____ 7. We will boicott the company until it pays its employees better. _____ 6. The police officer told the teens to stop loytering in the mall. _____ 8. The knowledgeable doctor wrapped her wrist in a bandage. _____ 11. Six wives were busy embroidering. _____ 10. She turned the nob, opened the door, and saw the boys. _____ 12. Do you belief in ghosts? _____ 13. You were wrong to rite such a mean note! _____ 14. The fox scratched at its gnat bites. Spelling Patterns Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4058
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