Sequential Order

English Language Arts, Grade 3

Sequential order is the order in which things occur. It is the sequence of events. Authors include words to help you understand the sequence. Some of these words include: first, second, next, then, last, before, after that, finally, back then, today, and now. Knowing how to use sequence words helps you to write a summary. The story below is a summary of a whole vacation. It sums up the major events without telling you every single detail. Notice how the author used sequence words to guide the reader: The first thing we did on our trip was get in a plane. We flew to Tampa Beach. Then we checked into our hotel. We spent the next three days playing on the beach. We built sandcastles and played in the water. It was so clear that we could see fish in the water with us. The weather was sunny and warm. We didn’t want to leave. Finally, we flew home. We’d had a great trip! Here’s what happened on their trip in sequential order: First, they flew in a plane to Tampa Beach. Then, they checked into their hotel. Next, they spent three days playing on the beach. Finally, they flew home again. Sequential Order Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4029
Write a summary of the following passage. Use at least four sequence words to help your reader. John Lea and William Perris opened a store in Worcester, England in 1823. They mixed chemicals to give to people who felt ill. They also made any mixture a customer asked for. In 1836, Arthur Sandys asked the men to make a sauce. He had tasted it in India and had the recipe. John and William followed the recipe exactly. It used anchovies. They are tiny fish. The men poured the sauce into two barrels. One barrel was for Arthur. The other was theirs. The pair tasted the sauce. They thought it was awful. They told Arthur they had failed. The men left their barrel in the basement. A year later they opened it. They tasted it again, and it was great! What had happened? The sauce had fermented. That means that the sugar in it had turned to alcohol. Yeast and bacteria cause things to ferment. This process had made the sauce delicious. John and William named it Worcestershire sauce. They grew rich selling it. Today it is popular around the world. First, Sequential Order Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4029