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Prefixes and Suffixes

English Language Arts, Grade 3

A prefix is added to the start of a word to change its meaning. Prefix anti- against antiwar, antislavery, antisocial antibiotic contra- against contraband, contradict, contrary, contraindicated contrast dis- opposite disagree, disarm, discontinue, dishonest disintegrate post- after postdated, postpone, postwar, posthumous postscript P.S. I Love You quad- four quart, quarter, quadrant, quadruplets quadrilateral trans- across transatlantic, translate, transfer transcribe Means Examples A suffix is added to the endof a word to change its meaning. Suffix -ess female who duchess, empress, hostess, actress, lioness waitress -ical relating to chemical, comical, surgical, economical, quizzical identical -cian one who works clinician, magician, pediatrician, electrician musician -ish turns a word into an adjective boyish, reddish, selfish, ticklish, stylish sluggish -ly resembling carefully, friendly, happily, ordinarily, warmly angrily -ology the study of astrology, psychology, technology, zoology geology Means Examples Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4057 Prefixes & Suffixes
Circle the prefix or suffix of each word. Some words have both a prefix and a suffix. Write what the word means on the line. You may use a dictionary if necessary. Use the word in a sentence. 1. politician = ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 2. amatuerish = _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 3. contradiction = ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 4. transportable = ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 5. disregard = ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 6. critical = ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 7. postnasal = ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 8. anti-inflammatory = ________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 9. mythology = _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 10 . goddess = _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4057 Prefixes & Suffixes
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