Story Elements

English Language Arts, Grade 2

There are three elements in every story. The characters are the people or animals that are in the story. The narrator may be a person in the story or a person who is telling the story about someone else. SAM The cracked mirror hung crooked from its broken frame. Lisa fought back tears. It was her mother’s mirror. It had been in her family for years. Her mother had brought it across the sea when she moved to America. And now Lisa had wrecked it by throwing a FrisbeeTM in the house. In the story text below, the characters are shown in green. The setting is shown in red. The plot problem is shown in blue. The setting is the time and place that the story happens. It can take place long ago, right now, or in the future. The events can happen here or on another continent or even another planet! The plot is the series of events that occur in the story. The plot is based on a problem. It has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning “sets the stage.” You meet the characters and find out the problem. In the middle, there is a lot of action. The characters work to solve their problem. By the end, the problem has been solved. First... next... then... finally... Story Elements 12 6 9 3 1 11 2 10 4 5 7 8 Frisb ee Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4021
Read the stories. Answer the questions. Barry ran as fast as he could. His feet pounded on the sidewalk. He yelled his dog’s name over and over. How could she have gone so far so fast? If only he hadn’t left the door open! Just then Lamar turned the corner on his bike. Barry yelled to him, “Lamar, my dog is loose! Will you ride in the other direction and look for her?” Kwan couldn’t believe it. He glared at the eye doctor like she was a monster. His big brother didn’t need glasses. His mother and father didn’t need glasses. So why did Kwan need glasses? It just wasn’t fair! His whole day had been bad. He had missed the bus. Then they had spaghetti for lunch, and he hated spaghetti. He had not done well on the spelling test. But finding out he needed glasses was just the worst. People teased him because he was so short. Now they would tease him for wearing glasses, too. 6. Who is the character? __________________________________ 7. What is the setting? ____________________________________ 8. What is the plot problem? ________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 1. Who are the characters? _________________________________ 2. What is the setting? _____________________________________ 3. What happens in the beginning? ____________________________ ______________________________________________________ 4. What happens in the middle? ______________________________ ______________________________________________________ 5. What happens in the end? ________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Story Elements Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4021