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Complete & Incomplete Sentences

English Language Arts, Grade 2

A sentence always begins with a capital letter, ends with a terminal punctuation mark, and can stand alone. It presents a complete idea. A sentence must end with a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point. Those are the terminal marks. [ . ? ! ] There are four kinds of sentences. Statements tell. Sharon walked to the park . Commands give an order. The subject You is not stated. It is understood. Open the door . Questions ask. Are you going on the field trip ? Exclamations show excitement. I just got a puppy ! An incomplete sentence is one that does not begin with a capital letter OR does not end with terminal punctuation mark OR does not make sense If you read an incomplete sentence, you say, “Huh?” You get just a piece of information. It is as if someone cut off the start or end of the sentence. This leaves you with questions. It is clear that something is missing: It is almost (It is almost what? And where is the punctuation mark?) in the spring. (In the spring what happened or will happen? And where is the capital letter?) How did? (Who did what? What is this even about?) the red car (What about the car?) SAM Complete & Incomplete Sentences Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4020
Read each sentence. Label it C for complete sentence or I for incomplete sentence. 1. ______ Where are you going? 2. ______ at the zoo. 3. ______ Before we begin. 4. ______ You are a good writer. 5. ______ I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! 6. ______ Will Frank come to visit us? 7. ______ Stop doing that! 8. ______ starting next Saturday, 9. ______ This is so much fun! 10. ______ Is it raining? C Complete & Incomplete Sentences Visit for Online Learning Resources. © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 92-4020
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