All About Volcanoes Vocabulary Review

Earth Science - Middle School

Key Vocabulary Terms © Copyright NewPath Learning. All Rights Reserved. 94-4541 Visit for Online Learning Resources. aa lava slow-moving lava that cools with jagged edges; cooler than pahoehoe caldera caldera a large depression on the top of a volcano formed when the volcano collapses into an empty magma reservoir layers of ash crater cinder cone volcano a relatively small volcano formed by the accumulation of ash and pyroclastic material layers of ash & lava lava composite volcano the most common type of volcano; formed by alternating layers of ash and lava flows dome mountain a mountain formed by the uplift of hardened magma below the Earth’s surface geyser heated groundwater that builds up pressure underground and erupts in a fountain of water and steam hot spring heated groundwater that flows onto the Earth’s surface into a natural pool lava liquid (molten) rock that is extruded through the surface of the Earth’s crust crust mantle magma reservoir magma liquid (molten) rock that is under the Earth’s crust pahoehoe lava hot fast-moving lava that cools in a coiled, ropelike form; hotter than aa pipe a long tube through the Earth’s crust that connects a magma reservoir to the surface Eurasian Plate North American Plate Eurasian Plate Arabian Plate African Plate South American Plate Pacific Plate Indian Plate Australian Plate Antarctic Plate Nazca Plate Cocos Plate Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire a large belt of volcanic islands on the boundary of the Pacific Ocean vents lava ow magma shield volcano a wide, flat volcano formed by the non-explosive flow of lava Devils Tower, Wyoming volcanic neck a landform that is created when magma hardens in a volcano’s pipe and is weathered over time caldera crater lava layers of ash layers of ash & lava magma vents lava Some photos courtesy of USGS.
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