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English Language Arts
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SD.2.LVS.Listening, Viewing, Speaking Standards

Listening, Viewing, Speaking Standards
2.LVS.1. Students can listen, view, and speak to communicate, retrieve, interpret, and evaluate information.
2.LVS.1.5. Students can express ideas using content area vocabulary. (Application)
Flip Charts Word Study
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game Content Vocabulary

SD.2.R.Reading Standards

Reading Standards
2.R.1. Students can recognize and analyze words.
2.R.1.2. Students can read simple contractions and identify the two words which are combined in text. (Knowledge)
Flip Charts Contractions
Flip Charts Contractions
Flip Charts Get Connected
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Contractions
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Contractions
2.R.2. Students can comprehend and fluently read text.
2.R.2.1. Students can apply strategies to read and comprehend text. (Application)
Flip Charts Book Sense
2.R.2.2. Students can read aloud fluently to comprehend text. (Comprehension)
2.R.3. Students can apply knowledge of text structures, literary devices, and literary elements to develop interpretations and form responses.
2.R.3.1. Students can recognize different genres of literature. (Analysis)
Flip Charts Genre Go Round
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game Literary Genres
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Literary Genres
2.R.3.2. Students can identify the literary elements of character, setting, plot, and theme in literature. (Analysis)
Flip Charts Big W
Flip Charts Charting the Story
Flip Charts Comprehension Cube
Flip Charts Meaning of Poems
Flip Charts Mountain Thinking
Flip Charts Puzzler
Flip Charts Responding to Text
Flip Charts Star Points
Flip Charts Tree Map
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game Literary Elements
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Settings
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Story Elements
2.R.3.3. Students can identify rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, and a simple pattern in poetry. (Application)
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game Genre
2.R.4. Students can interpret and respond to diverse, multicultural, and time period texts.
2.R.4.1. Students can compare and contrast different versions of literature from different cultures. (Analysis)
Flip Charts Comparing Stories
2.R.5. Students can access, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate informational texts.
2.R.5.2. Students can apply alphabetical order to the second letter when using dictionaries and encyclopedias. (Application)
Flip Charts Letter Practice
Flip Charts Letters A & B
Flip Charts Letters C & D
Flip Charts Letters E & F
Flip Charts Letters G & H
Flip Charts Letters I & J
Flip Charts Letters K & L
Flip Charts Letters M & N
Flip Charts Letters O & P
Flip Charts Letters Q & R
Flip Charts Letters S & T
Flip Charts Letters U & V
Flip Charts Letters W & X
Flip Charts Letters Y & Z

SD.2.W.Writing Standards

Writing Standards
2.W.1. Students can apply the writing process to compose text.
2.W.1.1. Students can write three related sentences. (Synthesis)
Flip Charts Simple Sentences
2.W.1.2. Students can write a friendly letter. (Application)
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Friendly Letter
2.W.2. Students can apply Standard English conventions in their writing.
2.W.2.1. Students can use periods and question marks in writing and commas in the greeting and closing of a friendly letter. (Application)
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Grammar
2.W.2.2. Students can capitalize proper names, days of the week, and months of the year when writing. (Application)
Flip Charts Capitals
2.W.2.3. Students can spell high-frequency words as well as words with phonetic elements. (Application)
Flip Charts Common Words
Quiz, Flash Cards, Worksheet, Game & Study Guide Spelling
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Social Studies
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